Noleen Sonderegger

Clinical Psychologist / BA(Psych), BPsych(Hons); MPsych(Clin); MAPS

You give advice, but what's one of the best pieces of advice you've been given?
The best piece of advice I ever received was simply "live well." Although it's non-specific, it forces me to ask the question - "what does living well look like in this situation?" No one gets it right all the time. We all make mistakes and take wrong turns in life. Making mistakes is often extremely difficult, but learning from mistakes is where the most growth occurs.

What's one major challenge you've overcome in your life?
The journey through grief after losing a loved one. 

What's one of your greatest achievements to date?
I'm a mother of five. It's an achievement still in progress. 

As a mother of five children, do you have any quick tips for other mums?

Even though life with kids is very busy, there are two things that I believe help me to be a better mum. The first is that I try to make time for the things I love that are outside of the everyday responsibilities. Even just half an hour engaging in a hobby can make a big difference. The second is to slow down and savour the small moments of beauty in everyday life. Opening my eyes to the goodness in life (a hug from my child, a sunrise, a funny conversation etc.) helps me appreciate the moments and the gift of being a mother.

How do you like to relax when not at work?

I love spending time in nature and love being active. I find that I gain more energy when I expend energy and trail running is something that I really love to do. It's good for the mind and soul as well as the body.

What is one of your favourite psychology reads?
Psychology books are great. But for me, the best studies into the triumphs of human nature can be found in great adventure novels.