If the client's age is 14 years or over, please make a booking in psychology cafe

Please be aware of our Booking, Pre-Billing, Rebate and Cancellation Policy*: 

You can book up to six (6) appointments at any time. This can be done by calling Psychology Café® (07) 5478 0202 or by emailing

The gap value for a standard 50-minute appointment is $60 per session

Non-refundable payment for appointments will be processed in full after 12pm one day prior to your appointment (per the credit card details you supply).

Eligible Medicare rebates (funds placed into the nominated bank account you have registered with Medicare) will be processed at the time of your consultation. Non-attendance of a consultation will result in Medicare rebate forfeiture. 

Your ideal outcome is dependent on attending your booked appointments. You may cancel or reschedule your appointment at any time; however, please allow us 48-hour notice to organise to care for someone else. Less than 48-hour notice will incur a $60 fee.

I have understood this Booking, Pre-Billing, Rebate and Cancellation Policy.


*For any questions relating to this policy, please contact us.