maarten pansier

Clinical Psychologist / BSc(Psych), MSc(SocPsych), MSc(ClinPsych)

What's one thing you are professionally passionate about?

Gold. But not in the sense of the metal or the money. This is about another kind of gold. The kind of gold that is inside everybody, including you and me. I believe that somewhere in everyone there's something that is true, authentic, gracious and beautiful. A treasure. But often hidden and locked. I'm passionate about seeing that gold burst into life again!

You give advice, but what's one of the best pieces of advice you've been given?

'Don't let your past determine your future'


What's one of your favourite psychology 'reads’?

Actually I’m not much of a reader and I prefer watching a movie. An example of a great movie from a psychological view is the old movie ‘12 Angry Men’ where a lot of different aspects about group dynamics are beautifully presented. When I do read, I really like the work of Brene Brown, especially her book ‘The power of vulnerability’.


Why did you decide to become a Psychologist?

Becoming a psychologist was a process over time for me. A lot of things interest me and sometimes I have a little trouble choosing. I started with a broad general study and from all the different courses, the psychology-course stuck with me the most. Then I started studying psychology and the more I studied it, the more the desire grew in me to equip and empower people in living a psychologically healthy life.


How do you like to relax when you’re not at work?

When I’m not at work, I really love to hangout with friends and do life together with them. I also like to be on the beach, watch a movie, and play sport.