Q: What are the advantages of consultations in the Psychology Café® or Psychology Milk Bar®?

A: There are 3 primary advantages. 

1. The Café and Milk Bar settings are more relaxed and therefore typically more enjoyable (having low or no stigma attached to a cuppa and conversation); 

2. Coffee and Milkshakes in the Psychology Café® and Psychology Milk Bar® are FREE of charge; and 

3. You have the option of having shorter consultation times making effective psychology services more affordable (reducing your out of pocket expense by 50%). 


Q: If I have consultations in the Psychology Café® will it still be private and confidential?

A: YES, with private booths and traditional consultation rooms, the interaction between you and your psychologist is strictly confidential. 


Q How do I qualify for a Medicare rebate?

A: If you obtain a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) from your GP, Medicare will provide a rebate (up to 73% of the current consultation fee) for 10 consultations per calendar year. The maximum out of pocket expense under a MCHP for a 25-minute consultation is only $30, and for a 50-minute consultation is only $60.


Q: Are video consultation bookings able to be made?

A: Yes. Recently changes to legislation now allow clients who live anywhere in Australia (more than 15kms away from Mooloolaba) to access standard Medicare rebate benefits for video consultations with Psychology Cafe and Milk Bar Psychologists.


Q: If I have a standard 25-minute single-shot (or single-malt for kids) appointment under a MHCP, will it count as one of my 10x annual Medicare relatable consultations?

A: Yes. If you are claiming a rebate from Medicare, a standard 25-minute consultation will count towards your 10x allocated MHCP consultations.


Q: If I have a 50-minute double-shot (or double-malt for kids) appointment under a MHCP, will it count as two of my 10x allocated Medicare relatable consultations?

A: No. A double-shot consultation (50-minutes) will still only count as one consultation. 


Q: How many consultations will I need?

A: Generally, clients prefer to see their psychologist for 6 to 10 consultations, however, the number of appointments can vary according to personal circumstances. Following your initial consultation, your psychologist will likely give you an indication of how many consultations you may need.